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Lauren Wilson

Passed Practical Test at

Dunfermline Test Centre


After quite a bad experience starting my 

driving lessons I had completed 20 before I 

went to Lee and felt like I was getting 

nowhere. Lee made me feel comfortable

 behind the wheel and took his time to teach

 me, he was patient and made everything easy

 to understand. I passed my test just under a

 week ago with just 11 lessons from Lee, I

 highly recommend him to anyone looking for a

 relaxed but professional experience learning

 to drive.


Robyn Jack, Passed Practical Test

Lisa Sam

Passed practical driving test at Kirkcaldy MPTC



Lisa passed the DSA Practical Driving Test

I passed my practical driving test on the 27th of august 2014 and I certainly could not have done it without lee (Agnew Driving School). I would like to say a massive thank you to lee for teaching me all i needed to get through my theory and practical and giving me the knowledge and skills i need to be a safe driver. Lee is so easy going, friendly, professional and has so much knowledge of driving to share with his pupils that makes him such a great instructor. I had tried other driving schools before Agnew Driving School and made no progress at all until I started lessons with Lee. He gave me the confidence I needed to get through my theory and practical. His tips and advice are excellent and he is an instructor that genuinely wants to help and teach his pupils as much as he can. He is always punctual for lessons and his prices are great. I particularly found his technique with show me tell me questions for my practical excellent revision as well as the information he provided for my theory test. If there's anything I was unsure of before, during or after lessons he explained it in such a simple and easy way that made it so much easier to learn and constantly encourages and praises you during your lessons. Even after passing my practical driving test i know Lee is still my helping hand if ever I am in need of more advice or even extra lessons. I could not fault anything with Agnew Driving School and highly recommend everyone to go with Lee. Thank you again.

Lisa :)

Amanda Wallace

Passed practical driving test at Kirkcaldy MPTC



Amanda Wallace, Passed the DSA Practical Driving Test

Thanks to Lee for for getting me thru my driving test! Your patience... and chilled manner defo put me at ease and now I'm on the road, thank you!!

Kayleigh Hamilton

Passed practical driving test at Kirkcaldy MPTC



Kayleigh Passed the Practical Driving Test at Kirkcaldy

Lisa Wheelans

Passed Practical Driving Test

Dunfermline Test Centre


I would like to thank Lee for being a fantastic driving instructor, although I knew him on a personal level as a friend he remained professional throughout while helping me feel relaxed about driving. I Couldn't have asked for a better person to help me pass and would defiantly recommend him to anyone looking for a relaxing driving lesson experience

Stephanie Thomson

Passed at Dunfermline Test Centre



Passed the driving test, Dunfermline

I had a good time Learning to drive with Lee, I was able to pass my theory and practical driving tests relatively fast. I thought you were great in how you explained all the manoeuvres to me and I would highly recommend people to learn to drive with you as I had a great experience in my learning.

Aimee Easton

Passed at Dunfermline Test Centre


Learning to drive with Lee is enjoyable and rewarding. Lee always makes you feel comfortable in the car. He is always on time for your lessons and at the end of each, discusses your progress so you have the opportunity to express how you feel you are doing. Lee is enthusiastic about helping you achieve the goal of passing your test and supports you throughout. I would recommend Lee as a driving instructor.

Rebecca Bett

Passed the DSA Practical Driving Test at Kirkcaldy MPTC 4/6/13


Rebecca Bett after Passing the dsa practical test

Sarah Marshall

Passed the DSA Practical Driving Test at Kirkcaldy MPTC 4/6/13

Well Done


Sarah Marshall after passing the DSA practical test

Anyone in need of a driving instructor should definitely try Agnew Driving School before going anywhere else. Lee has very competitive prices, as well as providing a professional and high quality service. Straight away you are put right at ease as lee does nothing but build your confidence with the car and the driving. He is incredibly encouraging and uses a system that allows you to track and see... first hand how you are progressing and building you're driving skills. Helpful tips and websites are provided for remembering the key points for the theory part of the test as well as finding what works best for you when it comes to mastering manoeuvres and important rules on the road.

Anouska Stevenson

Passed the DSA Practical Driving Test Dunfermline Test Centre 10/5/13

Well Done


Anouska Stevenson on passing the DSA practical test



needs a 


instructor should contact Lee (Agnew Driving School) Lee was the only instructor I contacted and I wasn't disappointed. Lee gives 110% on every lesson and all of his focus is on you and your driving not how long there is left on lesson.... He uses a system that you can see first hand how well you're doing where you need to improve. He gives you tips and access to websites to help you prepare you for your theory test and emails questions to you.

If you feel you're no good at a manoeuvre then he'll keep practising with you until you're confident. In the run up to the practical test he answered any questions or concerns I had and definitely couldn't have done it without Lee. He is totally friendly and puts you at ease and lessons don't feel like lessons. I definitely wouldn't have passed without Lee and the confidence he put in me. Thanks a Million Anouska

Katie Stevenson

Well Done to Katie on Passing the DSA Practical Test at Kirkcaldy MPTC


Katie passed the Practical Test

I started driving lessons with Agnew Driving School in June 2012. Unsure as to which driving school to go with, the offer of 5 lessons for £75 from Agnew Driving School was a great aid to helping me make my decision. On my first lesson, Lee introduced himself and made me feel at ease straight away. As Lee is quite a ‘young’ instructor, I took to his way of teaching and communicating very easily. Before taking to the wheel, Lee asked me a variety of questions to help him understand my own way of learning so that he could structure my lessons in a way which suited me best.

   At every lesson, Lee carries with him an electronic tablet which he uses to record what you cover and at the end of each lesson, discusses with you how well you performed and using a scale of 1 to 6. Not only does this help you visualise how well you’re doing and what areas you need to work on, you can ask for your record to be sent to your email address to show those at home your progress.

Agnew Driving School doesn’t just help you with your practical driving test; Lee also takes you through your theory test by giving you sections of a theory book to read each week, and then testing you on that section each week. By building your theory knowledge up week by week, it doesn’t take any time away from your practical lesson, it does in fact it help you. Lee also helps you to book your theory and practical tests using the correct website.

I passed my practical driving test in March 2013 on my first attempt thanks to Agnew Driving School, but the help didn’t finish then. Lee has extended his help if ever I have any questions or queries in the future.

Lee’s good time keeping, communication and flexibility all contributed towards my enjoyable experience as a learner driver and would definitely recommend him as a driving instructor.

Jamie Guyan

Dunfermline Test Centre


Passing your driving test

Passing your driving test

Jamie had this to say about his time with Agnew Driving School:

'Throughout my relatively short time with Lee, I felt continually motivated and encouraged to improve and progress with my driving. Lee is a calm and genuinely interested instructor aiding you through all aspects of driving. I now feel in a position to safely and confidently drive independently and tackle every day driving. 1-10-12

 Liam Neep

Well done to Liam Neep on passing his Practical test at Dunfermline Test Centre 24/9/12.

Testimonial and photo Pending.

Josh Kiddie


Passing your driving test

Well done Josh on passing your driving test at Kirkcaldy Test Centre on 19/9/12.


Lauren after passing DVSA test

Lauren Queen

Dunfermline Test Centre

Hey, I have just past my driving test after learning with Lee and had a great experience learning to drive. Lee is a very good teacher and is always willing to help if there were any queries regarding theory questions or about the practical test itself. It was always easy going and a calm environment in the car, even when there may be a struggle when learning something new. I would highly recommend Lee as an instructor as I enjoyed learning with him.

Well Done Lauren.

Kirsty Latto

Dunfermline Test Centre

Thank you so much Agnew Driving school for helping me pass my driving test with ease, I will definitely be recommending you to my friends. Thank you very Much couldn't have done it otherwise. Well Done Kirsty

Check out Kirsty's Facebook Review

Lee is a fantastic Driving Intructor. He is very calm, relaxed and reassuring. Even if your having a bad driving day he always finds a positive. I always felt confident whilst taking lessons, I can't recommend him high enough for anyone wanting to start lessons or get back into driving

Christy McD.


Agnew Driving School, Dunfermline

Christy passed her Test at Kirkcaldy Test Centre and had this to say about Agnew Driving School,

Thanks very much to Lee of Agnew Driving School, no more L plates for me as I recently passed my test with 1 D/F. Couldn't have done it without you Lee so big thanks!


Mark after passing his DVSA Driving Test

Mark Hallas

Mark after passing his DVSA Driving Test

Mark Hallas passed his Test at Dunfermline Practical Test Centre

With Lee of Agnew Driving School. Well Done Mark.


Danielle the first to pass driving test in new car

Danielle T.

Danielle the first to pass driving test in new car

Danielle Passed her test at Kirkcaldy Multi Purpose Test Centre with very few minors, Well Done.

Matt Bland

Test Passed 19/5/11 Kirkcaldy MPTC,

1 Minor

Would like to thank Lee for helping me get through both my theory and practical tests, not only passing them but amazingly well. Your methods of teaching were easy to follow and will no doubt stand me in good stead for my many safe years of driving. Thank you so much Lee, much appreciated for all your help and support.

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