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Terms and Conditions

Particulars:Agnew Driving School is owned and operated by Lee Agnew, operated from,127 Gilfillan RoadDunfermlineKY11 4xf Contact Details:07545631289 By choosing Agnew Driving School for driving tuition you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Right to Drive:

You must hold a current, valid driving licence before driving a car in the UK.You must provide either a provisional licence full UK drivers licence or equivalent from your Country if outside the UK, on your first lesson with Agnew Driving School.If during your course of tuition you have any endorsements applied to your licence you must inform Agnew Driving School as soon as possible.

Lessons & Fees:

Tuition is charged at £30 per hour, more details can be found online, at

Lesson fees are to be paid in advance or at the start of each lesson.

Lessons paid for in advance via online payment methods will be notified within 12 hours of payment received.Payment can be made by credit/debit card within the car please inform instructor that this is your preferred method of payment. Fees can be paid via electronic bank transfer, please contact Agnew Driving School to discuss this option.

Each lesson is a minimum of 1 hour long, other lesson times are available, more details can be given by contacting Agnew Driving School.

All matters relating to lesson date, time and duration will be agreed between yourself and the instructor prior to the lesson.

Your instructor will not chase you up for lessons, it is your responsibility to ensure that if a lapse has occurred due to cancellations/holidays etc, that you reorganize your next lesson.

Cancellation Policy:

Your instructor may require to cancel or change your lesson at short notice due to any number of circumstances, you will not be penalised in this situation, you will be informed with as much notice as is possible.

Training Vehicle:

The training vehicle will be insured, taxed and fit for the purposes of giving driving tuition.

Tuition can be given in your own vehicle, your instructor will need to see,

- A valid certificate of insurance with your name on it.

- A valid certificate of MOT (If required to have MOT)

Your instructor will also ask to check, the lights and tyres, are all in line with current legislation.

Driving Tests:

The driving instructor will discuss with you when you are ready for your test, taking into account waiting times at your chosen test centre. If for any reason your instructor feels it would be in your interests to change any of your driving tests they will inform you within in plenty of time to avoid any loss of test fees.Your driving instructor can and will refuse access to the tuition vehicle where their advice about rebooking a test has not been taken.The instructor will ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy as described by the DVSA in their terms and conditions for the practical driving test. If any such issue arises that is within your instructors control you will not be charged for the duration of the tests.Any situation that is out with your instructors control, such as, DVSA cancellation of test, mechanical issues, adverse weather conditions will be charged for the duration of the tests, your instructor will discuss possible compensation where possible.More details can be found at,

Voluntary Code of Conduct:

Your instructor agrees to the DVSA voluntary code of conduct, more details can be requested from Lee on 07545631289

Complaint Procedure:

If in the event a complaint needs to be made, please make the initial complaint to your driving instructor. The complaint procedure as laid out in the Voluntary code of Conduct will apply here.

Your Rights:

Nothing in these terms affects your statutory rights.

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