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Covid-19 Guide

The Covid pandemic has raised a few issues that affect Driver Trainers substantially more than Retail, Beauty or Office based industries, to name a few, throughout the pandemic I have put together this policy to protect yourselves as drivers and myself.

Using the UK Govt Guidelines this policy will not affect your ability to learn but will alter how we work on a day to day basis.

In order to provide lessons steps will need to be taken by both myself and you the driver,

-Both Instructor and Driver may want to wear a face covering, as this is advised, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have reason not to wear a mask.

-Wash your hands before and after attending for your lesson.

Good hygiene will help limit potential spread of Covid allowing us to continue working with you.

-You will have your Temp taken as you arrive at the car with a touchless thermometer, any Temp that exceeds 37.8°will have their lesson abandoned and guidance offered by instructor as to next steps(This will not incur a cancellation fee)

-You will be asked to be open and honest about contact with people (Family Friends, work colleagues ETC) who have contracted Covid. You will be responsible for informing your instructor if you have been contacted by NHS Track and Trace service since your last lesson.

-Clothing, wear clothing that will limit contact with fabric surfaces, seatbelt, seat fabric etc

What precautions Agnew Driving School will take,

-Every morning the interior of the vehicle will be cleaned with Anti-Bacterial cleaner before I leave.

-Before you arrive to the car for your lesson I will clean the,

Door handles

Seat belt buckle and retainer

Seat adjuster mechanisms

Interior mirror surround

Steering wheel

Gear stick

Parking brake

All other associated controls that you will use for driving.

Once in the car there will be Hand sanitiser for you to use or bring your own which ever suits you best.

During the lesson the windows will remain open for air flow.

The lesson may be split to allow us to get out of the vehicle and remove masks(if applicable) allowing for fresh air for approx 5-10 mins.

The end of the lesson will be a little bit more compact to prevent prolonged exposure of face to face conversation.

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